CSA-Bericht zur Lage auf dem Ü/D-Markt

Helke Heino | 30.01.2020 | ,

CSA Research hat in der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2019 mit Unterstützung von FIT, GALA und diversen anderen Organisationen und Firmen eine weltweite Umfrage unter Ü/D gemacht und legt jetzt den ausführlichen Bericht vor (nur auf Englisch):

CSA Research conducted a large-scale survey of translators and interpreters in all corners of the world to characterize the demographics, behaviors, attitudes, and challenges of translators and interpreters at the turn of the 2020s. This report provides detailed data on the full set of responses we collected. We describe the methodology and information sources we used and present more than 50 figures and tables with data on linguists’ offerings, background and career, clientele, technology usage, income from language services, volunteer work, and the evolving future.

This report is based on a survey conducted in July through September 2019 with 7,363 translators and interpreters that either work as freelancers or in-house at language service providers or buy-side companies.

As part of our pro bono research series, this report is made available in open access: