Anglophoner Tag

Seit 1995 organisieren wechselnde Verbände dieses jährliche Treffen für Sprachenprofis aus den Bereichen Dolmetschen, Terminologie und Übersetzen mit den Arbeitssprachen Englisch und Deutsch


What is the Anglophoner Tag?

The Anglophoner Tag (AT) was launched by John D. Graham as a forum for translators, interpreters and other linguists with English and German as the languages they use in their work. It gives them an opportunity to exchange ideas and experience, solve common problems and establish networks.

The meetings take place once a year, normally in late May or early June, and are hosted in turn by the four associations involved. A particular topic is usually chosen for each AT (e.g. the media, patents, literature) but there is also room for reports on new developments and discussions on any issues. The talks and presentations are open to members and non-members alike.

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The next Anglophoner Tag will be hosted by ITI German Network and take
place in the UK in 2023. Details will be announced as soon as they are


Reports on previous meetings of Anglophoner Tag (DE or EN)


Anglophoner Tag vom 17.-19. Juni 2022 in Münster

Der 26. Anglophone Tag, der in diesem Jahr von ATICOM in Münster organisiert wurde, stand unter dem Thema ...
2019 Kurzbericht zum 25. Anglophonen Tag in Würzburg

2019 Kurzbericht zum 25. Anglophonen Tag in Würzburg

Juni 2019 in Würzburg, Thema „Translation in the digital age“, über 50 ...
2018 Anglophoner Tag in Greifswald

2018 Anglophoner Tag in Greifswald

Der 24. Anglophone Tag wurde im Juni 2018 unter dem Motto "Translating the Arts – The Art of Translation" ...
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Anglophoner Tag annual meetings held so far

2022 Münster
2019 BDÜ Würzburg
2018 CIoL Greifswald
2017 ITI Chester
2016 ATICOM Düsseldorf
2015 BDÜ Kassel

2014 CIoL Potsdam
2013 ITI Bath
2012 ATICOM Bonn
2011 BDÜ Wiesbaden
2010 CIoL Hamburg
2009 ITI Brighton
2008 DTT Cologne
2007 ATICOM Essen
2006 CIoL Munich
2005 BDÜ Darmstadt

2004 ITI Cambridge
2003 DTT Goslar
2002 ATICOM Straelen
2001 IoL Berlin
2000 BDÜ Mainz
1999 ITI Guildford
1998 DTT Cologne
1997 IoL Aachen
1996 ITI  Royal Holloway
1995 DTT / BDÜ Xanten