Am 16. Oktober 2018 ist Marion Boers verstorben. Die Übersetzerin aus Südafrika war von 2008 bis 2014 FIT-Präsidentin und bis vor kurzem im Vorstand des südafrikanischen Übersetzerverbands SATI tätig.

Kevin M.J. Quirk, amtierender FIT-Präsident, schreibt:

„It is with great sadness that FIT has received news of the death of Marion Boers, who passed away peacefully in hospital in South Africa last night after a prolonged period of illness.

Marion Boers served as FIT President for two mandates from 2008 until 2014, during which time she worked extremely hard to build up FIT’s reputation and to promote the interests of translators, terminologists and interpreters throughout the world. Marion was made an honorary advisor of FIT in Berlin in 2014 and has always been a staunch supporter of FIT and the FIT family. Marion Boers also served as Executive Director of the South African Translators’ Institute (SATI) until earlier this year, where her selfless efforts have helped make SATI what it is today.“

ATICOM trauert um Marion Boers und ist ihr für langjähriges, internationales Engagement für unseren Berufsstand sehr dankbar.

(17. Oktober 2018)